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ANAPF: Active Power Filter

● 380V±15%,50Hz±2%
● Full response time ≤ 5ms
● 30A, 50A, 75A,100A or 150A
● RS485(Modbus-RTU)or Ethernet(Modbus-TCP)
● Frozen data
● 2-51st Harmonics


  • Communication

    RS485(Modbus-RTU)or Ethernet(Modbus-TCP)
    Standard or customized

  • HMI

    4.3/7.0 inch LCD display Grid Voltage, Load Current, Device Current and other energy consumption

  • Rated U, Frequency and Module Capacity

    380V±15%, 50Hz±2%, 30A,50A,75A,100A or 150A




1)Flexible compensation method:Compensate for harmonics only, compensate for reactive power only, compensate for both harmonics and reactive power,could compensate for 2th-25th harmonics or compensate for specific harmonics;


2)Ability of managing three-phase imbalance;


3)Linear compensation,Response time ≤ 5ms;


4)Humanized human-computer interaction interface, which displays real-time power quality information of the system and the ontology. This interface has the ability to control the device remotely and easy to operate;


5)Adopt imported IGBT which has high power density and high reliability;


6)Using DSP digital control system for high speed detection and calculation;


7)With remote communication interface, real-time monitoring through PC;


8)Standard modular design which reduces lead times and increases reliability and maintainability.

Response time
Full response time≤5ms,Instantaneous response time≤100μs
Total harmonic compensation rate
≥ 97%,3th/5th/7th/9th independent compensation rate ≥ 98%
Switching frequency




Main interface


System information interface


Fault information interface


Parameter setting interface



Typical connection


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