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Smart Motor Control and Protection Solution



The motor is an important asset of the enterprise .It is necessary to monitor the running status and the efficiency of the motor, and protect the motor. ARD series smart motor protector is used for 660V low-voltage motor circuits with protection, measurement, control, communication, operation and maintance function,can realize multiple starting schemes to ensure the safe operation of the motor. It can be connected to the intelligent MCC or DCS production system. It is widely used in Chemical Industry、Power Plant、Pump Station、Mining Industry、Metallurgical Industry and so on.



Main Functions


1. Protection function:

Start timeout External Fault UnderPower
Overload Insulation Fault tE time
Underload OverVoltage Loss of pressure (anti-shake)
Short circuit Undervoltage 4-20mA input protection
Blocking Phase Failure Ground
Stall Phase Sequence Leakage
Unbalance OverPower  


2. Certification



3. Communication





Human Machine Interface





Product Selection

1) ARD2 Smart Motor Protector

● Suitable for motors with rated voltage of AC380V/660V;

● Optional leakage protection, RS485 communication, analog output, etc.

● 2 channels DI passive dry node input, signal power supply with built-in DC24V power supply;

● 4 channels DO output.


2) ARD2F Smart Motor Protector

● Measurement functions are divided into basic measurement (current parameter) and co-selection measurement (voltage, power, phase sequence, residual current (leakage current);

● Start timeout, overload, stall, block, underload, phase failure, unbalance, residual current (ground/leakage), temperature, external fault, phase sequence, overvoltage, undervoltage, underpower, overpower, tE time Motor comprehensive protection function;

● 9-channels DI passive dry node input, signal power supply with built-in DC24V power supply;

● 5-channels DO output, which can meet the direct start, star-delta start, autotransformer start, soft start and other starting modes. Real-time remote control "start/stop" operation of the remote master station can be realized through the communication bus;

● It has standard RS485 communication interface and adopts Modbus-RTU and Profibus-DP communication protocol to ensure fast and reliable communication of the host computer;

● It has a DC4-20mA analog output interface and is directly connected to the DCS system to monitor the field devices.